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We do things differently at The Good Life Travel Company. We promise to help you navigate through the travel planning process to ensure you have the experience of a lifetime - it's what we're all about at TGLT.  


Want to know the tricks to fully experience your Disney Adventure?  Want to know which all-inclusive resort or cruise line is the best fit for you?  Want to find the best food, place to relax, or excursion?  Our vast travel experiences and our passion means you're not doing it alone.  When using TGLT, rest assured that everything is taken care of because we are experienced and connected travel experts.

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Because we have a passion to travel we know the important details to cover.  Bargain websites cannot provide you with the critical and helpful details that make the difference when traveling.  Let us add our personal touch so that you can simply show up and enjoy The Good Life.

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Everyone travels differently and so everyone is looking for something unique.

First and foremost, we listen.  Whether you're looking for a relaxing get-away, an action packed adventure, a fun trip with friends or family, we individualize every travel experience based on you.  We'll propose different options and work with you to create a travel plan that will fulfill your every dream.  No cookie-cutters here, only a travel experience individualized and designed for you!

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Value Driven

We say the sky is the limit, and we mean it.  While we pride ourselves in creating amazing travel experiences, we also know everyone has a budget.  We design travel plans with each individual's budget in mind, taking into account that vacations are special moments in life.  We also love a good deal, so we won't be bashful about trying to save you a few pennies along the way.

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Living the Good Life has to be fun, whether it's a beach party in Ibiza, Spain, a beer crawl in Bavaria, or zip lining in Costa Rica, thrills and adventure await you.  We wouldn't do this if it wasn't fun, and so we want to share the excitement, the relaxation, and the fun that comes with travel.

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There is a lot that differentiates us from other travel providers, but what sets us apart is our creativity and uniqueness.  We listen, we provide options, we go above and beyond expectations, and we think of it all.  Some have said our passion is contagious, and we know it's true.  From our dreaming and planning process, to our follow up, we promise a unique and creative travel experience.

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