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Congrats Class of 2022!

I am new to the world of being a travel agent, but my eyes have been opened to adventure travel and what it offers. This is especially hitting home as I hear parents’ of 2022 graduates talk about graduation, gifts, and what’s next. Adventure travel could be the perfect gift or opportunity for graduates because they have trips especially designed for 18 to 39 year olds. These trips are available for every continent, range in prices from $620 to $9,000 (plus air), and run from 3 days to 65. All trips are led by local guides with a group of likeminded travelers that can range from physically demanding hiking or biking trips, to relaxing on the beach.

The more I learn about these tour companies, the more I think they’re perfect for graduates who are preparing to enter a new chapter in life. No matter the trip you chose, travelers are immersed in the local culture, meeting local families, visiting off the beaten path sites that you would never find on your own. These trips are also great because the money spent impacts the local communities that you visit, all while making as little environmental impact as possible. Imagine giving your graduate the gift of relaxing beaches and white water rafting in Costa Rica, or a food tour that runs from Rome to Paris, or exploring the coast of Australia from Sydney to Brisbone, or visiting beaches, waterfalls, and wildlife as they travel from Johannesburg to Nairobi. I get excited and a little jealous thinking of how this could have impacted me at that age.

Now I realize some people may get a little worried about travel, let alone international travel, but these are group travel options with responsible and safe tour guides. There are also plenty of options in the United States that range from camping in Yosemite and the Grand Canyon to a trip up the California coastline from LA to San Francisco with surfing, paddle boarding, Santa Monica Pier, Big Sur, Fisherman’s Wharf, and the Goldengate Bridge. Travelers can also experience a Hawaiian adventure to Ohahu to enjoy Waikiki Beach, hike up Diamond Head, kayak at Kane’ohe Bay, while staying both in hotels and camping on Malaekahana Beach.

The more I research and train and learn about the options for adventure travel the more I feel these adventures are the perfect way to celebrate graduation. They’re once in a lifetime trips that can open eyes and minds to the world and everything that it offers. As we enter graduation season, consider giving the gift of travel. Give me a call and I’d love to go over the many options available.

Mike Lilje is the Adventure Travel Specialist for The Good Life Travel Company. While he can assist clients with any travel needs, he specializes in vacations that include adventures, sports, concerts, or any form of fun. Connect with Mike at


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